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Our Disciplined Process

For a retirement plan to be successful, we believe the plan sponsor must be highly effective in all four areas of operation. We partner with our clients to build a personalized approach to managing these key elements of their retirement plan.

Plan Management

  • Plan compliance assistance
  • Assist with plan documents and reporting
  • Help with review of plan operation and administration
  • Provide guidance on potential options for plan changes based on new regulatory requirements
  • Educate regarding potential options to address non-discrimination test failures, if applicable

Investment Services

  • Assist with the preparation of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitor investments according to the Investment Policy Statement
  • Benchmark and determine if changes to the investment options should be considered
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the retirement plan

Fiduciary Guidance

  • Help plan sponsor create a process to manage their retirement plan and strive to keep it in compliance
  • Understand ERISA Section 404(c) and their fiduciary duties
  • Implement strategies for managing liability
  • Use best practices to promote a comprehensive fiduciary process, and leverage the Fiduciary File Vault Dashboard

Employee Education

  • Help employees understand the benefits of their plan
  • Inform employees of the auto features (if any) included in the plan
  • Seek to maximize employee participation and increase their contributions (within limits)
  • Help employees develop appropriate asset allocation strategies by providing sample asset allocation models and investment information on asset classes and subclasses
  • Offer ongoing education about retirement planning